A quality non-contoured cushion that responds to the user’s sitting position and redistributes pressure forces.

Faster results: Spex™ accomplishes what the seating clinician desires, and what the user needs. Distinguished by high standards of design and clinical evaluation, Spex™ delivers an uncompromising seating choice packed with clever advantages. The experience of working with Spex™ Seating provides a blend of form and function.


  • Clinically appropriate seating choice
  • Easy to use from installation to completion
  • Solves clients seating needs in minimal time
  • Standard sizes from 10” paediatrics to large adults
  • Modular flexibility to solve any seating situation
  • Customisable to suit any postural issues
  • Installs on virtually any wheelchair base
  • Breathable for temperature control
  • Transport certified

Spex™ is essentially made up of a powerful combination of attributes. For the clinician it transmutes wheelchair seating to a whole new level of providing for the wheelchair user’s specific postural characteristics. Certainly, one part of the Spex™ personality is about being adjustable and adaptable. After all, it has been created to meet the needs of the widest range of personal seating requirements.

You need options when it comes to seating? This is where Spex™ excels. Spex™ and Vigour™ ranges serve all spectrums of seated postures and personal need. Both Spex™ and Vigour™ have outstanding qualities and achieve equally notable postural benefits.

For more information or to book a trial, please contact Wheelchairs Express on 1300 622 122 or via email sales@wheelchairsexpress.com.au