The Joey has been our most popular chair frame since we started manufacturing it over 5 years ago. Available in a wide variety of frame sizes and shapes, the Joey has proven to be robust and reliable. The Joey like all Smik chairs, meets Australian Standards. It has been tested to a maximum user weight of up to 70kg.

A wide range and style of foot rigging is also available as an option.  To meet the needs of some families we have just released a Joey which features a reclining backrest.  We can offer up to 60° of recline in 15° increments.  The backrest will also fold forwards to allow a complete compact package.   Like all Joey models the frames are suitable for either ‘off the shelf’ seating components or a full adaptive seating system built to prescription.

For more information or to book a trial, please contact Wheelchairs Express on 1300 622 122 or via email