The all new Centro-XT is an Extreme Terrain power chair designed for users who enjoy off pavement driving. The XT is a Centro fitted with low pressure wide knobby drive tyres and 9″ front castors. It still maintains most of the features of the standard Centro and can be scripted to suit individual clients. Like the standard Centro, designed and manufactured in Australia to give remarkable stability and drive capabilities with trouble free service for many years.

The XT is not a 4 x 4 wheelchair but is designed for improved driveability for semi grassed and hard off road tracks. The XT is not suitable for soft sand or beach environment.

Robust completely custom off road wheelchair. 4X4 all wheel drive with central diff steering lock.

  • Available with electric lift and tilt
  • Electric adjustable legrest/footplate
  • Completely customisable seating platform
  • Weight Limit: 182kg or 155kg with lift/tilt
  • Top Speed: 10kph (6.2mph)
  • Off road 14” wheels/tyres

For more information or to book a trial, please contact Wheelchairs Express on 1300 622 122 or via email