Mobility Handles by Magic Mobility are an incredibly intuitive attendant control.  They take the place of a traditional joystick attendant controller, mounted at the rear of the chair, and can be fitted without a user-operated joystick in an attendant-only configuration.  The handles are compatible with R-Net controllers, and are programmable to ensure a tailored profile for the attendant and the environment.

Mobility Handles deliver proportional speed control and directional control through the degree of pressure applied by the attendant, providing smooth and responsive control.  Mobility Handles are easy to learn to use and are ideal for situations where multiple caregivers are present or where learning to use a traditional joystick attendant control is not possible.

Mobility Handles can be operated using one hand, giving attendants greater connection to the user when walking alongside.  The One-Click Activator controls the powered seating functions, allowing rapid access to tilt in space and other seating functions from the attendant position.

Here’s what Kate says about the Mobility Handles: “I love how intuitive they are – they know I’m slowing down to approach a tight turn before I do!  Reversing is so much easier with the Mobility Handles when compared with a traditional joystick attendant control, particularly when turning.  You don’t need to think about which way to move the joystick to turn the chair to the left or right; the Handles just follow your lead.  I use the ‘slow’ button for negotiating doorways and vehicle ramps for greater control in tight spaces.”

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Mobility Handles by Magic Mobility