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Wheelchairs express was established to supply the ever-growing demand of wheelchair based clientele. Our concept is focused around the needs of our customers, taking into account both the physical and intellectual requirements, as well as the time and cost factors involved. From our simple, easy & fast web shop, to our highly scripted spinal injury chairs, we feel we’ve got most bases covered.

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Who is Wheelchairs Express

Lets face it: A disabled persons Wheelchair is their Life. Its their legs, their mobility, their freedom – Everything they do as an individual relies on them having the right mobility device.

Unfortunately, the seriousness of the scripting process of a custom chair is rarely seen its true light. Many times, a script will be rushed or mishandled for application, convenience or funding reasons and the client will not get a true, in depth, needs analysis for the equipment they need. As many would know, urban, rural and remote areas can be so diverse and different in their scope and terrain. From the paved footpaths of Circular Quay, to the white granite roads of Silverton – Australia is a diverse place.

Approximately five years ago, the directors of our company,  saw the need for a through in depth custom scripting service in rural NSW. But not just any service: one that went right to the houses, the farms and even the castles (really!) of the clients it served. This service had to not only take into account the steps, footpaths, bedrooms and kitchens that are daily challenges for someone in a wheelchair, but also had to allow for the dust storms, the torrential rain, the baking sun and the biting cold that all come part and parcel with living in rural Australia. This service became so popular, that we began to expand our coverage into the southern and northern parts of the NSW, until we began to get demand for national servicing. We now operate through a network of dealers and service agents to supply consumers with the element they need most – dependability!

But what about the less complex demands of the more mobile client? Enter, the wheelchairs express web shop! With most of our high demand products on the shelf and in stock, we can have stocked items packed and shipped within 24hrs, to anywhere in Australia. (subject to carrier availability)

Wherever you are, Whenever you need us: No matter if your on the farm in Alice Springs, or in Rehab in The Nepean Hospital. We come to you, when and where you need us.

World Class Knowledge: Our Reps are trained in the very latest of wheelchair and scripting technology, and will ensure that you have the most expert information available. Couple that with our knowledge and experience in urban, regional and remote areas, and you’ve got the perfect one stop shop for your needs!

The widest range in Australia: We know everyone is different, and we know not every manufacturer is perfect. That’s why we pride ourselves in one of the largest ranges in the country. Finding the perfect solution has never been easier!

At WCE, we believe that true customer support is not demonstrated by catchy slogans, billboards or hollow promises. We believe True customer support, lie’s in the caring, considerate attitude of the staff that run our company. Our priority is making sure that your ongoing care is guaranteed, and your every question answered, for years to come.